Mundani Botanical Garden

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The Garden is located in the skirt of a mountain of the Majorca Island to 5 km of the sea and occupies an extension of 6,874  m2. It is formed by two different parts: to the left an orchard of orange trees  with 4,823  m2, distributed in eight terraces, that have been transformed into a garden of acclimatization of trees, shrubs and lianas from worldwide and to the right other portion of 2,051 m2 of almost virgin mountain with the typical vegetation of the Tramuntana mountain range, including some endemic plants. The orchard counts with a system of irrigation by dripping and enjoys a microclimate something warmer than the rest of the Island, which allows to cultivate tropical and subtropical plants.

( Coordinates: North 39º 45´35´´, East 2º 42´51´´ )

A Walk by the Garden

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Explanatory Plane

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Cactus and Succulents

Plants List

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 Mosses and Lichens

Grafts Methods

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Palms and Cycas

Etiolation Technique

           Mundani Garden Fruits

Bamboos and Grasses

Air-Layering Technique

   Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Bulbous  Plants

Armillaria mellea

         Ferns             Orchids

Aquatic Plants

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        Conifers           Cítruses

Plants without chlorophyll

Reproduction of ferns by spores

   Leguminosae     Asteraceae

Climbing  Plants

The hybrid ferns of the Soller Valley

Oaks, Chestnuts, Beechs

Endemic balearic plants

Spores and Sporangia

Walnuts, Hazels

Endemic canarian plants

Illnesses in the plants

Drupaceous Fruits

Endemic azorean plants

Mushrooms of Majorca Island

Tubers and Vegetables

Endemic madeiran plants

                Trunks and Barks

Fig trees and other Moraceae

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